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Established in 1998, The Cardinal Maritime Group is one of the fastest growing logistics service providers.

We are an international organisation at the forefront of our industry. Inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of the founder members, the leadership of the Company has maintained rapid development through invention and innovation.

Our strategy is to challenge conventional thinking and to establish ourselves as trusted partners in the supply chain logistics sector. Our team of highly motivated and experienced professionals has enabled us to deliver a sustained annual growth rate of 25%.

In 1999 Cardinal Maritime launched a new concept in the form of the FREIGHTcalculator ™, a product designed to provide fully transparent pricing for all consolidation services offered. With this concept a new industry was born: ‘online freight pricing’; the ability to generate a fully inclusive and transparent freight price to and from any port served by Cardinal Maritime.

Under the watchful eye of The Captain and his crew, the Cardinal Maritime network of services continues to grow at an incredible pace. By the end of 2004, Cardinal Maritime was established as a leading brand in over 90 countries.

At the beginning of 2001, Cardinal Maritime launched a pattern of acquisitions and brand development that would, by the end of 2007, secure shareholding in Ital Logistics, Migrate Global, Cardinal Plus and Origin Logistics. The Company has also developed a strategy of opening offices around the world which currently include South Africa, the UK, Ireland and Holland.

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