Inner City 100

Below are the key characteristics attributable to winners of the 2003 Inner City 100 Index

Succeeding in the inner city

  • Average 5-year growth rate of Inner City 100 winners was 575%
  • Inner City 100 winners have created a total of 5,417 jobs in the past five years.
  • Despite extraordinary growth rates, only 8 firms return a loss. The combination of fast growth with profitability underlines the long-term sustainability of firms


  • The typical firm has an average sales turnover of £7.4 million, 82 staff and was founded 10 years ago.
  • The Inner City 100 cover a broad range of industry sectors, from food manufacturers Bighams of Park Royal, London to Soup Ltd, an interactive communications consultancy from Norwich . Manufacturing is represented (7% of the list), as is construction (10%). Wholesale and retail (15%) and business activities (27%) are the two most commonly occurring sectors.
  • 3 of the top ten firms on the Inner City 100 Index were founded and are managed by ethnic minority entrepreneurs.
  • 35% of firms on the Inner City 100 Index have female founders or co-founders.
  • 40% of firms’ managing directors had immediate family members that owned and ran their own business.

Location, Location, Location

  • 83% of Inner City 100 firms rate their location as a good or excellent place to do business.
  • 96% of the Inner City 100 are involved in their community for example, through mentoring of at-risk young people, sponsoring local events, clubs and charities as well as supporting staff in their community activities.
  • 97% of the Inner City 100 are positive or very positive about the outlook for their firms over the next five years


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