Corporate Responsibility

At Cardinal Maritime our prime commitment is to continuously provide outstanding products and solutions to our customers. However, we understand that our business activity should also include a high level of corporate responsibility with regard to the environment, health and safety, quality management and an active participation in a range of social and charitable activities. You can find out more about Cardinal’s charitable activities through the Cardinal Trust.

Health and Safety

Health and Safety are integral parts of the Cardinal Maritime management system. It is the Company’s goal to reduce risks to employees’ health and safety, and ensure any risk is kept to an absolute minimum. With the conception and implementation of Cardinal Maritime’s health and safety programmes, we aim to mitigate health and safety risks in the workplace and any impact to the environment. In this respect, the wellbeing of our employees, contractors, customers and communities is as important an issue as social responsibility and sustainable development.

Cardinal and the Environment

The preservation of the environment is a priority of the Cardinal Maritime management system. It is the Company’s concern to protect the environment and nature, ensuring sustainability for future generations.

Cardinal Maritime is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its operations and to cooperating with partners, customers and suppliers in seeking ways to achieve this goal.

Challenged by The Captain, the team here at Cardinal Maritime is continually updating its procedures in the light of increased environmental concerns and the progress achieved by the freight forwarding industry in developing sustainable transport and logistics solutions.

CADETAssist ™ – creating the freight professionals of tomorrow

Cardinal Maritime has a growing and enviable reputation for the recruitment, training and development of dedicated and enthusiastic team players. The training and development of our employees is regarded as an integral part of the Company’s success and growth globally. Given the level of consolidation within the industry, studies have revealed that there are significantly fewer people entering our industry, which, considering the increase in World trade, represents a challenge for all involved in the logistics industry. By offering a wide range of learning opportunities for people with no experience of our industry, we endeavour to assist staff in developing the key skills, knowledge and understanding they require to perform their roles effectively. Important to the programme, is the Company’s commitment to providing the appropriate support, guidance and development routes to allow individuals to be stretched in their existing roles and, where appropriate, to ‘grow’ into a new role.

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