The Cardinal Trust

We actively participate in and support a range of social and charitable activities. Read on to find out more about the charities currently supported by the Cardinal Trust.

Bambisanani Partnership St.Mary’s School, Menston, Leeds

The Bambisanani Partnership is a unique initiative developed by St. Mary’s School, Menston and Mnyakanya School in Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa. The partnership has gained international acclaim for its work using sport as a catalyst to develop international understanding, education, health and leadership.

The partnership has established an ambitious plan, which involves students and teachers from both countries being involved in exchange visits.  The initiative also funds forty Aids orphans into Mnyakanya School and provides much needed school equipment. In the long term, it is hoped that funding will be used to build proper toilets at Mnyakanya School, which serves one of the poorest communities in South Africa.

During a visit to St. Mary’s, Andrew Smithurst, Managing Director of Cardinal, spent time with pupils at Mnyakanya School who have set up a business called ‘Bambisanani Enterprises’. Year 7 student Adam Varley said, “Andrew is involved in business all over the world, and as part of our business involves importing and exporting it was great to get advice and ideas from him. All our profits go to support the Bambisanani Partnership, so the better we are at business, the more we can do in South Africa.”

Through The Cardinal Trust we have been working closely with St. Mary’s for several years on this project and we are committed to helping them for many more years to come.

“Cardinal Maritime have been very supportive from the onset of this development by shipping much needed equipment to Mnyakanya School at no cost and providing us with valuable financial support.  The Bambisanani Partnership is making a difference to young people in both countries and the continued support from Cardinal Maritime will help us make even more of a difference.”

David Geldart

Assistant Headteacher and founder of the Bambisanani Partnership

University Hospital of South Manchester

“Thank you very much for the support for the Adult Cystic Fibrosis Unit fund. Many of our patients live for long periods of time on the ward and it is so important that we provide them with a good quality of life. The main component of the new building being built will be a 20 bedded ward and we intend to put into that all the charitable monies, which we have received over the last year to make it like a ‘home from home’. Your donation will go directly towards patient care but also to make a much more pleasant unit to live on. Your generous donation will go a very long way to make this possible”

Yours sincerely,
Professor AK Webb, Clinical Director

Micro & Anophthalmic Children’s Society

“Thanks to The Captain for supporting MACS. All donations go directly to benefit the children. Our continuing projects are to be able to purchase computers and/or specialist software for our visually impaired or totally blind children. Many of the MACS children need them as much as sighted children need pen and paper. Without support from people like yourself we would not be able to achieve this”

Lynda Rhodes

Haveley Hey Junior School, Manchester

Over recent years the Cardinal Trust has supported Haveley Hey in providing financial assistance to their child residential programme. The programme is designed to fund holidays and recreational activities for under-privileged children within the school and local area, and is a scheme close to the heart of The Captain.

Innervation Trust

“Pop Connection gives thousands of children in primary schools an opportunity to record an album of pop songs. The content of the songs is a positive alternative to chart music, written from a Christian perspective. The project brings together school, church and community for a special concert at the end of a weeks rehearsal and recording. Once again, thank you. Your support is greatly appreciated.”

Mark Pennells

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