LCL Import Rates

As a leading global freight consolidator, we offer LCL import services from many international destinations. We have a dedicated customs team and provide a number of services and tools to make everything as transparent and straightforward as possible. Please use the map or links below to see a full rates table for LCL imports.

Not only can you use our LCL Freight Calculator to get an instant quote, but you can also find out where in the world your consignment is by using our Webtrack and Import Arrivals tools. These are located below the map below.

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Track your shipment easily with our online service

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Import Arrivals

Container & Vessel Search

Container & Vessel Search

You can now track both vessels and containers by entering their reference numbers.

Customs Clearance

Within each Cardinal Maritime office is a team of Customs experts qualified to process the Customs clearance of all shipments being exported from and imported into the EU. Our Clearance facilities are linked directly to all major UK ports. This provides for an efficient and confidential clearance process.

Marine Insurance

We would advise that marine insurance is obtained for all cargo prior to shipment as it is unlikely that the level of liability conditions outlined within the shipping documentation issues will cover the cost of any claim. If you require insurance, please fill out our >Request Marine Insurance Form and return to your designated contact at our office.

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