Marine Insurance

We would advise that marine insurance is obtained for all cargo prior to shipment as it is unlikely that the level of liability conditions outlined within the shipping documentation issues will cover the cost of any claim.

Request Marine Insurance

Unless we are formally instructed to provide insurance cover, the goods will travel uninsured. If you require insurance, please fill out our Request Marine Insurance form and return to your designated contact at our office.

Lodge a Claim

If you need to lodge a claim, please fill out our Cargo Loss and Damage Claim form and return to the person who is handling your booking. You can find out more about how to lodge a claim here.

Can we cover your goods?

Before obtaining insurance cover, it is important that you read the below to establish whether we can insure your cargo and what the cost of cover will be.

This is broken-down into three categories:

Approved General Merchandise

This covers Goods not particularly susceptible to breakage, theft, leakage and shortage or water damage. More Info

High Theft Risk Goods

The following are regarded as “High Theft Risk” goods: Bottled Spirits, processed tobacco or tobacco products, non-ferrous metals unless part of a manufactured product, furs, perfume, footwear, photographic equipment, audio equipment, visual equipment, computer hardware or software. More Info

Household and Personal Effects

Goods or Products belonging to the individual(s) for which the shipment is being shipped by Cardinal Maritime Ltd. More Info

You can download our Request Marine Insurance form which applies to all of the above.

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