High Theft Goods

Suitable and sufficiently packed and/or protected for transit

The following are regarded as “High Theft Risk” goods: Bottled Spirits, processed tobacco or tobacco products, non-ferrous metals unless part of a manufactured product, furs, perfume, footwear, photographic equipment, audio equipment, visual equipment, computer hardware or software.

The cost for this cover is just 0.80% of goods value, Minimum charge £ 40.00 or Euro 55.00.

If you require Marine Insurance for High Theft Goods, please fill out our Request Marine Insurance form and return to the person handling your booking.

Exclusions:-The following goods are excluded items:- precious metals, diamonds and other stones, bullion, money, credit cards, debit cards, atm cards, cash-replacement cards, store and gift vouchers and cards, traveller checks, securities, bonds, deeds, back notes, treasury notes, stamps and similar cash substitutes, weapons and explosives of all kinds, live animals and plants, lap-top computers, personal computers, computer chips, memory modules, expansion cards, software licences and the like, mobile telephones, pre-paid mobile phone vouchers, sim cards, accessories and the like.

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