September Employee of the Month – Global Logistics Team India

Global LogisticsOur monthly award of Excellence has been awarded to Mr Bala Nair and his team namely Mr Hemant Patel, Mr Kiran Mhatre and Mr Pawan Gupta, our partner agent in India. Normally our employer of the month award is only given to our local team for outstanding work and service excellence. However in this case we were so overwhelmed by the level of commitment and dedication that it was only fitting that these fine gentleman be awarded the title!

The stakes were high, 3 different suppliers and 5 different orders all extremely urgent and the penalties for late delivery always a reminder of the severe consequences. All the suppliers confirmed delivery in order to make the cut of time of the sailing and in this case we were to load two containers, both a 40GP and a 20GP. At the last minute one supplier could not deliver their order on time resulting in the whole planning of the two containers being affected. The result was only one container was loaded to leave and the balance of the cargo would have to rolled over to the following weeks sailing.  Of course we could not accept this outcome and had to find a solution. With time being of the essence and the outlook looking more and more grim it looked as there was no way out of the predicament. Then a breakthrough…through  the combined effort of our agent and special request to the shipping line, they managed to pack another console with all the cargo onto the same sailing as originally planned, two days after the cut off period! Needless to say the consignee was overjoyed and everyone involved was extremely pleased at the fine efforts.

A very big thank you to Global Logistics on your outstanding work

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